Xiaomi Mi Drone Guide

Xiaomi Mi Drone Manual Guide. Xiaomi Mi Drone is a new drone of China’s most popular consumer electronics brands: Xiaomi. Xiaomi Mi Drone is a quad-copter drone with a three-axis gimbal and a 4K camera. There is a remote control that is needed to control the drone and it also needs your Mi smartphone as a viewfinder. There are two versions of this new drone: the 4K version and the 1080p version. The company promises that the drone will be modular and serviceable so that the user can upgrade or replace a part when it is needed. The new drone has a 5,100 mAh battery that can also be replaced easily. With this battery size, the company expect you to get 27 minutes of flight time on a single charge. This flight time is more than most drones in the industry.

Xiaomi Mi Drone Features

With amazing technologies of the drone, now you can generate routes, set up automatic takeoffs and landings in order to fully immerse yourself in the enchanting sceneries. The new Mi drone will give you a fresh look with the easiest operation includes: automatic takeoff and landing, setting up a destination, automatic flying around a given point, route planning, and automatic return. The Xiaomi’s first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) offers awesomeness of its drone: 4K camera, ultra-sensitive 3-axis gimbal, 5100mAh battery, auto-pilot features and many more. Below are the key features of the new Mi drone:

  • 4 ARA-D propellers air foil with detachable shield. This can deliver efficient aerodynamic performance.

  • 1.2mm ultra-thin and lightweight body. The structure is rock solid.

  • 5100mAh 17.4V smart battery.

  • Approximately 27 minutes non-stop flying time.

  • 104-degree wide-angle lens powered with 12.4MP Sony back-illuminated image sensor.

  • Ambarella image processor.

  • 6-piece multi-coated lens with higher light transmission.

  • 2 aspherical glass lens with blue glass filter lens.

  • Ability to record full 1080p HD or 4K Ultra HD aerial videos.

  • 4K recording at 3840×2160 pixels.

  • 720p live video low latency streaming from up to 2km distance.

  • Ultra-light 3-axis gimbal stabilization system consists of 3 brushless motors, 14 circuit boards, 149g carbon fiber, and polycarbonate structure. The gymbal unit is capable to stabilize up to 2000 vibrations per second at 0.02 accuracy.

  • Bird’s eye view feature from up to 2km away.

  • GPS and GLONASS combined with vision-based positioning mechanism can ensure maximum precision.

  • Autopilot features including automatic take-off, automatic landing, waypoint flight, path planning, tap to fly on map, and also the popular circle an object on the ground.

  • Low battery detection system. The drone will automatically return to home when battery becomes low.

  • Real-time location tracking for easy retrieval even after crashing.

  • Ability to automatically hover at the edge of no-fly zones.

  • Built-in PCB antenna array in remote control for maximum reach.

  • Modular and modern design resembles – and inspired by – dragonflies.

Xiaomi Mi Drone Specifications

Xiaomi Mi Drone is a perfect drone for beginner because this drone is designed to be easy-to-use, ready to fly(RTF) and having many advanced features. Below are the full specifications of the Mi Drone:

  • Brand: Xiaomi

  • Built-in Gyro

  • Body: modular design

  • Antenna: Dual Band PCB

  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS

  • Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control

  • Model Power: Built-in rechargeable battery

  • Battery: Removable Lithium Polymer, 17.4V battery 5100mAh

  • Flying Time: 27 minutes

  • Control Distance: 2 km

  • Camera: 4K and 1080P Wi-Fi FPV, 12.4 megapixel, 1080P Wi-Fi FPV camera, 3-axis gimbal, 104-degree wide angle lens.

  • Gimbal: 149 grams carbon fiber and polycarbonate material with 3 brushless motors

  • Accessories: Extra Propeller Guard

If you have one of Xiaomi Mi Drone or you are planning to buy one, you need to read this Xiaomi Mi Drone guide to get all necessary tutorial about how to operate the drone safely in simple step-by-step guide. We are going to tell everything about operating the drone in very specific tutorial so that you can choose the one you need to read. Before we go any further to the Mi Drone guide, make sure that you have understood all things listed in the precautions below:

  1. Persons under 18 years old and incapable persons are prohibited to use quadcopter.

  2. During use ensure a safe distance between quadcopter and people, animals, trees, cars and buildings. Manage your device carefully if there are people nearby.

  3. Do not use quadcopter near airfields, railways, highways, high-rise buildings, power lines and other dangerous objects.

  4. Do not use quadcopter close to the cellular base stations, antennas of ultrahigh power and other areas of electromagnetic signals.

  5. Place of take-off, height and distance of the flight of quadcopter must meet legal regulations and restrictions.

  6. Do not use quadcopter in places, where the operation is prohibited by law and not violate time limits its use.

  7. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, follow the safety rules of quadcopter use.

Well, the Xiaomi Mi Drone tutorial and guide you've just read. If you have understood all things above, then you need to know each part of the device and its accessories, so that you can step forward to the next guide to get started.